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2010-05-20 22:29:15 by hyrule-hearts

why does the papre shredder think it is necessary to mess with the internet connection !!!!

gonna start working ^^

2010-03-08 23:33:24 by hyrule-hearts

on a pink floyd music video flash i hope i can do it

well im stuck

2010-02-20 12:07:37 by hyrule-hearts

i havent took any time to learn flash really and i need some help so if someone can give me some pointers andshortcuts like keys and how to draw stuff on there easier id really appreciate it

new art supplys!!!

2009-07-26 15:39:06 by hyrule-hearts

bought some new art supplys and its great so far but it costed me 28 bucks : | so that kinda sucked but ive been making some new drawings :d so im happy

yay posted art

2009-07-19 17:28:42 by hyrule-hearts

i posted one of my drawings i did im happy now :D its not that great but still :D

new projects and collabs

2009-06-12 14:54:13 by hyrule-hearts

im gonna start some new projects yay and im still trying to figure out were the site is were people make suggestions on collabs and talk about them and if anyone can help me find it i would be really gratefull thanks

mouse or pad?

2009-05-20 22:19:33 by hyrule-hearts

i dont know witch i like better to do animation? lol mouse is kinda for speed and pad for slow and line kind of drawlings

@.@ finally

2009-03-31 11:48:10 by hyrule-hearts

i finished my begging frames for my flashes :D it took awhile though

i wanna make a collab

2009-02-08 18:03:46 by hyrule-hearts

truth is i found the newgrounds collab site but cant find it anymore

redid jesus dot and waterfall project

2009-01-24 18:48:21 by hyrule-hearts

yay i just hope it dosent get blammed